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The purpose of this page, is to bring up "reality" facts and stories we experience in our everyday working with clients like you. Here we post articles and everything else that we think may be educative, instructive, entertaining, curios and why not, fun as well.

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The carpet cleaner service VS the mechanic service 
Getting the car maintenance serviced is:  Choose the right mechanic, bring the car at the garage and leave it there, deal with all the costs for the replaced parts and for labor, which in these days, a good reputable garage won’t charge less than $70 per hour...
Getting the carpet cleaning service is:  Choose the right company and..?  Do you have to bring your carpet at the shop and leave there? Do you have to pay for the cleaning products?...  and do you pay the technician $70 per hour?
Published on 11-04-2014

Vacuuming the carpet
Passing the vacuum at home is a boring thing to do but once is done, the entire house looks much cleaned and somewhat comfy... Well, this may surprise you, but the experts/scientists in the industry, tested and proved that your vacuum machine have to pass at least eight (8) times in the same spot before the carpet has been properly vacuumed.
Published on 06-12-2014

The rental carpet cleaning wet extractor machine

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Oh yeah, who doesn’t like DIY (Do It Yourself) things: drive to the hardware store, rent one of those little wet-extractor machine, buy a bottle of cleaning solution, perform the actual cleaning job, then, drive back to the hardware store to return the machine... So, how much time and money it cost to DIY? How clean your carpet turned out? Does it smell like there is a lot soap left in the carpet?... Or maybe the entire house smell like mold because the dry process took too long......... Unfortunately those rental wet-extractor machines do not have enough power to extract the cleaning solution (purchased) you used, which means, not even enough power to extract the water, the dirt, etc, etc... Yup, you probably just wasted your time and money. 
Published on 02-22-2011

Phone estimate and quote
Do you ever called the mechanic and ask: “My car is not starting, how much it cost to get fixed?”.... (Yes you did ;)
Probably the mechanic  technician will tell you: “Depends... Where is the car, what type of car, what the car does,  etc, etc, etc....”
Do you ever called the carpet cleaner and ask: “How much cost to clean my carpet?”.... (Yes you did ;)
Probably the carpet cleaning technician will tell you: “Depends... Where are you located, what type of carpet, what stains are there, etc, etc, etc....."
Published on 05-24-2009

Mattress Cleaning
Is one of those upholstery that keeps hiding itself under the blankets and no many people realized how old, and especially, how dirty it can get.  Yup, your mattress may have been populated from millions of Dust Mites, soaked from hundred of gallons of body sweat and collected few pounds of dead skin...  Click the attached link (provided from to watch the video:
Published on 01-23-2009