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Stone Care

Natural Stones (such Travertine, Slate, Granite, Marble, etc.) are beautiful but we all know how expensive it can be having them in your home (indoor or outdoor). Because the porosity of Natural Stones, it’s hardly advice to do not neglect the maintenance they needs, such keep them clean and frequently check the sealer effectiveness that provide the protection of your investment. The sealer usually last between 2 and 3 years and after that time you should get your stones professionally cleaned and resealed. If your Stones were polished and now they look dull, you should consider getting them professionally re-polished and reseal. For certain types of stones such Flagstone, Slate or even Saltillo (Terracotta), there are also other possibilities, for example enhance the color or even transform them to give a shiny or wet-looking.

We Offer Discounts When You Combine Multiple Services

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Stones Cleaning/Restoration Process
  • Inspection
  • Move All Furniture From Working Area
  • Dry Vacuum 
  • Pre-Treatment Heavy-Duty Cleaning Soap Solution                     
  • Rotary Buffer Brush Scrubbing Process
  • Hand Brush Scrubbing Process 
  • Steam Cleaning Extraction/Rinse/Neutralizer
  • Industrial Fan To Speed The Dry Time 

Sealer or Finishing Application
  • Application Sealer/Finish solution
  • Move Back Most Furniture

Please feel free to contact us and we will provide you 
with an accurate estimate.

Commercial Stones Cleaning
Please feel free to contact us and we will provide you 
with an accurate estimate.

All the above cleaning procedures 
are performed with a powerful "truck-mounted-machine". For those locations (example on the 10th floor) where only the "portable-machine" can reach, an additional charge may apply. The reason is because the portable machine requires extra time, extra solutions, and extra labor.

Do you ask yourself: why is there such difference in prices?
1) Does the technician you hired perform 10 quick sloppy jobs per day or 1-2 good jobs per day? 
2) Is the technician an honest and realistic person that advises you on what are best to do and what it may 
cost to get the job done in the right way or he just try to get your money and quickly disappear?
3) Does the technician you hired clean your carpet with only water or he use high quality cleaning solutions (not Windex) designed only for the purpose of cleaning carpet? Does he know how to use and mix those professional cleaning soap solutions
on a case by case basis? Does he has any knowledge of the PH scale
4) Does the technician or the company that you hired care about having you as one of their regular customers?

At Tuscany Cleaning & Restoration we always serve one customer at a time and we do NOT attempt to clean your carpet 
(or any type of floor) with only water. We always use top of the line ECO-friendly professional products. 
Thanks to our expertise and the skills to identify which solution(s) will achieve the best result, it gives us the ability to 
remove stubborn spots that other companies leaves behind.
We are realistic and our prices are honest which means, we charge what needs to be charge in order to 
get the job done in the 
right way which at the end it will also save you money.

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